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Ranch Owners Association Newsletter

EXTRA -- July, 2023

ROA Meeting - CC&R Update
July 1st at the Pool from 10:00 to 11:00

The CC&R Committee will communicate their recommendations thus far and listen to feedback from the homeowners.  To make this meeting as efficient as possible, please email any suggested CC&R changes or questions prior to July 1st to:

Screen Shot 2023-06-24 at 5.39.33 AM.png

Fireworks at the Lake!


          Breakers Marina Fireworks Show


          Juniper Ridge Marina


          PKCC Hell's Gate Fireworks Show


**  NOTICE  **

The Ranch will be closed to all contractors Saturday, July 1st
to Tuesday, July 4th,

so that you c
an enjoy
the Ranch with your family and friends.

Regular contractor
hours will resume on
Wednesday, July 5th.


With the July 4th holiday approaching, this is a reminder that...


With the extreme heat and drought conditions, please make the right choice and do not set off any fireworks.


First and foremost, it puts the lives of your neighbors, as well as, the first responders at risk. It also threatens the beauty of The Ranch and all that it has to offer.


Be safe, be careful and enjoy your time at the lake!

Ranch Security

Ranch Security is on property

Monday thru Friday - 7:30 to 6:00

Saturday - 10:00 to 5:00

If needed, Ranch Security can be reached 24/7.  The phone number is:


We are updating the Ranch Directory!

We would love to have pictures for all homeowners, so If you would like a family picture included on your page in the Directory or if you want to change your current family picture, please email your picture to the Ranch Manager ( 


To make it even easier, there will be a photographer at the event at the Pool next Saturday, July 1st.  Ask her (Karyn) to take a quick picture of your group and let us know to use for the directory.

The Ranch is growing and the volume of traffic from homeowners and contractors has increased.  Safety is a priority at The Ranch, so please slow down and be observant of others and share this information with your kids:

  • Boat slips at the courtesy dock are on a first come basis.  They can not be saved by roping off or leaving ropes on the cleats.  

  • Jet Ski slips hold up to 3 jet skies.  Share the space.

  • The discharge of any type of firearm is strictly prohibited on any area of The Ranch with the only exception being the discharge of shotguns at the skeet range.

  • All trash should be placed in the dumpsters. Please do not leave ANY items outside of the dumpster. It will not be picked up and requires Ranch staff to dispose of it.

  • Off road vehicles are not allowed on public roads.  Local law enforcement will issue tickets if traveling on Park Road 36, FM 2353 or any other public road.



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